This page displays photos I have taken of things that strike my fancy, are unusual, informative, educational or just plain pretty. They are not in any particular chronological order but each will be dated. Some photos not taken by me may be of collateral interest and will be included with proper crediting. Check back for additional inclusions.

26 June, 2009

On the 12th of June, 2009 Mount Sarychev in the Russian Kurile Islands (4805′31″N 15312′00″E) erupted with great vigor, sending a large plume of ash and aerosols into the stratosphere. Here is a NASA photo taken from the International Space Station:

On the 26th of June I was in Goldendale, Washington State visiting with friends. Soon after sunset I noticed very high clouds still lit by the Sun. The colors and the standing-wave patterns (the "herring-bone look") told me they weren't ordinary clouds. These turned out to be ash and aerosol clouds from the Mt. Sarychev eruption. Here are four photos of the clouds.

Looking West-northwest from Goldendale, WA


Looking to the Southwest from Goldendale, WA.

This one's my personal favorite.

Looking west: