Biography of Daniel Nace Petersen (Updated 18 July 2012)

Born: 23 April, 1951, Shares a birthdate with William Shakespeare, Dutch Admiral Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp (ever heard of being "tromped?"), Stephen Douglas, President James Buchanan, Max Planck, Sergei Prokofiev,  Shirley Temple, Roy Orbison, Valerie Bertinelli, Lee Majors, Sandra Dee and lastly....Herve Villechaize (da plane, da plane).

Grew up in San Diego, California

Was a good child because I never got caught.

I have one older brother, John Carl Petersen, 4 years and 8 months my senior. This makes me a member of the "Younger Sibling Club" whose purpose is to make their older sibling's life a living hell. 8^)

Graduated from High School in June, 1969

Attended Community College for 2 years.

Enlisted in the US Air Force, served June 1971 to June 1975. Was a good Airman because I never got caught. Posted at Bitburg, Germany and Seymour-Johnson AFB in North Carolina. Honorable Discharge with the rank of Sergeant (Now known as "Senior Airman")

Passed the Technician Amateur Radio test in October, 1971, granted the call WA6OIL

Pursued a career in Electronics.

Passed the Advanced Class Amateur Radio test June, 1978

Married Patricia on 19 May, 1979 - Adopted her two kids, Tim and Tammy

Father Carl Frederick Petersen, passed away in June, 1982

Moved to SW Washington State in December, 1982.

Pursued a career in Electrical Design Engineering.

Mother, Virginia Louise Ellsler passed away in May 1994

Survived a bout with cancer, April 1998

Became a Grandfather with the birth of Tammy's first, Alejandra Lee Anne Gonzalez on 6 December, 1999

Grandfather again with Cristopher Ramon Gonzalez, born on 24 April, 2002 (Photo is of me and Cristopher - that kid KNOWS how to mug for a photo)

Changed Amateur Radio call to W7OIL on 29 Aug, 2003.

Moved to Vancouver, WA after 29 years in La Center, WA. Do you know how much CRAP you can acquire in 29 years? We filled a 30-yard dumpster when we moved!

Currently retired but would take short-term ElectricaL Designer gigs..

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Bank account number is XX-XXXXX-XX-XXX

Most used password is XXXxxXXxXxX (case sensitive)

Credit card # is XXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXX, the code on the rear is XXX