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<MY BIO> Insidious details about my life.

<AMATEUR RADIO> W7OIL and his interpretation of the hobby. The Paraset and vacuum tube operations on 40-meter CW.

<The TINKER BOX> Construction of a Whaddon Mk-III transmitter with an 807 output.

<THE "DOUBLE-M" TRANSMITTER> An early (1930's) Amateur Radio transmitter for the 80-meter band.

<TELEGRAPHY> My modest collection of telegraph equipment and Confederate Signal Service reenacting..

<RADIO-CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT> It's about - Radio-controlled aircraft I have crashed and sometimes actually flown...

<INTERESTING PHOTOS> Images I have taken of things that strike my fancy.

<DID YOU KNOW?> Useless trivia you can bore your friends with...

<NDB PHOTOS> Reception of Experimental amateur and Non-Directional Beacons below 530 KHz.

<2009 OREGON STAR PARTY> Time exposures and Kite-cam aerial photos from Red-dust Hell (AKA the Oregon Star Party)

<LINKS> My list of recommended websites.

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